Which Channel Is Most Important?

All digital channels are important, and they each have their own purpose and benefit. Different digital channels also feed off each other, creating important synergies that lead to even more traffic and conversions. For instance, direct and referral traffic will raise your domain authority and therefore increase organic traffic.

Organic traffic is perhaps the most coveted channel due to the perception that it is free. But it is not so easy to corner, particularly in the short term.

In this time of crisis, you need revenue fast. The quickest way to accomplish it is via affiliate marketing, selling through established online channels and advertising.

Contact online retailers and offer your products through their online stores. Consider adding affiliates that can promote your products for you. Look into Google’s Pay Per Click options and consider advertising on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. The cost of ads when done correctly can be justified. Also, with more people stuck at home during this crisis, it is more likely that your ads will land in front of the eyeballs that you target and seek.

Focus on Your Strengths

As you continue to build your digital marketing strategy, consider the following. If you are a connector or an extrovert, then social media and affiliate marketing should be the primary channels for you.

If, however, you are a good writer or an introvert, a content strategy that leads to organic traffic ought to be on your priority list.

Also, keep building your email list and leverage it with your social media ads by creating lookalike audiences. While people tend to overlook email, it can still be one of the most effective channels with the best ROI.

Contact Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other online outlets and see if you can sell your products through their outlets.

As you build your digital marketing strategy, keep adding more channels. Digital marketing tools and techniques give you the ability to monitor with great accuracy the results of every channel to better understand where each is effective and where each can improve. Your aim is to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Also, keep in mind that what impacts the success of your digital marketing strategy is knowing your unique selling proposition (USP) and target market. Don’t lose focus of either.